‘Enough already!’ Rep. Bryan Steil speaks out against Dem plans to impeach Trump again

Bryan Steil 640

JANESVILLE, Wis. — As House Democrats get ready to introduce new Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, Republican Congressman Bryan Steil is saying he opposes the effort.

“Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have already tried and failed to remove President Trump through impeachment,” Steil said.

Steil called on President-elect Joe Biden to oppose the renewed impeachment effort.

“From the riots in Kenosha, Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis and dozens of other cities to what happened in D.C. this week, what we need right now is leaders to tone down their actions, not enflame the situation,” Steil said in a statement.

Some Wisconsin Democrats, including Senator Tammy Baldwin and Congressman Mark Pocan, have already said they support trying to remove President Trump from office before the end of his term, either by impeachment or the 25th amendment.

Biden has not yet commented on efforts to remove Trump from office.