Emails from Barrett’s wife violated MPS policy

Emails from Barrett’s wife violated MPS policy

Milwaukee Public School officials said the wife of Mayor Tom Barrett sent three emails last year that violated district policy.

Kris Barrett was a teacher who was laid off by the district along with more than 300 other teachers last June. The emails were first revealed Monday by Media Trackers, a suburban Milwaukee conservative group.

The three emails were sent from a school system account and involved county or state politics.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that district officials did not know about the emails until after Media Trackers requested them.

Tom Barrett is a Democrat running against Republican Gov. Scott Walker in a June 5 recall election. The mayor noted during a campaign stop Monday that the emails had nothing to do with his current campaign. 

“Of course they’re going to try and bring my wife into this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to drag my kids into this. They will do anything they can because they are fighting for their life,” Tom Barrett said.