Elementary school volcano combo doesn’t clear up drain

Elementary school volcano combo doesn’t clear up drain

I moved into my current apartment almost three years ago and have had the same slow-moving shower drain since day one. It isn’t clogged, it’s just super slow. I have tried using store-bought chemicals and the plunger method, but it still seems to only drain at a trickle. It doesn’t bother me too much, but it would be nice to get a full drain going!

I found a post on Pinterest for unclogging drains that uses baking soda and vinegar…the same combination kids have used for decades to make those cool exploding volcanoes in science class. The instructions say to poor 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup vinegar into the drain, wait 15 minutes and then pour about 5 cups of boiling water down the train. The instructions also say you might need to use something long to poke down inside the drain to help the mixture…well I knew that wouldn’t work for my drain because mine isn’t open, it is a small grate of tiny holes.

I spilled the baking soda while I was pouring it into the tub so I probably put 3/4 a cup down my drain and then added the 1/2 cup of vinegar. I stayed to watch it bubble and foam, but once the vinegar had gone down the drain there was still a decent-sized pile of baking soda sitting in and around the drain. So I poured more vinegar down the drain until all of the baking soda was gone. I waited the prescribed 15 minutes and then pour the entire contents of my screeching tea kettle down the drain.

About an hour later I took a shower and didn’t notice even the slightest difference. The mixture didn’t do anything to whatever is causing my drain to be slow. If the DIY mixture couldn’t unclog my half-clogged drain, I can’t imagine it would be very helpful for a fully clogged drain.

Pinterest do or don’t? I vote DON’T since it didn’t do anything for my slightly slow drain. I can’t imagine it would have enough power to take care of a drain that is actually clogged. Also, I did use quite a bit more vinegar to rinse down my leftover baking soda and it still didn’t do anything. I think this combination of at-home products is best left to impressing crowds at elementary school science fairs.