Editorial: WISC Editorial Agenda 2012 – Catching Up

Politics, kids and domestic violence.
Editorial: WISC Editorial Agenda 2012 – Catching Up



There’s been a lot going on lately so we’re going to do a little catching up here.

First of all, Madison Alderman Mark Clear is a good guy and a good public servant, but his proposal to make the city council president a half time position paying $62,750 a year is the dumbest idea we’ve heard in a while. We assume we’ve heard the end of it.

We love the new collaboration between United Way of Dane County and County Executive Joe Parisi, combining aspects of the county’s Early Childhood Initiative and United Way’s Parent-Child Home Program to support kids from birth to four-year-old kindergarten. There should be a big payoff in school readiness.

And we want to acknowledge a third year of decline in domestic violence homicides in Wisconsin. Forty deaths are still intolerable, but if some of the efforts to break the silence around domestic abuse are indeed paying off we sure want to encourage more of those efforts.