Editorial: The Edgewater Rises

Dunn teams up with Frautschi and Rowland.
Editorial: The Edgewater Rises



The Edgewater Hotel is going to be redeveloped after all – and we couldn’t be happier. Bob Dunn wanted to get this done and he wanted it so badly he was willing to do it privately, with a new group of investors, and forgo a higher rate of return and public dollars. And, no surprise, the new investors include two of Madison’s biggest benefactors, Jerry Frautschi and Pleasant Rowland.

As far as we’re concerned this does not make right the obstacles the city put in the way of this badly needed project. Former Mayor Dave Cieslewicz was right on the TIF money in the first place. We’ve never understood the opposition to this investment in our city’s business environment, tourism and urban amenities including lake access. But we applaud Dunn, Frautschi, Rowland and the others for their commitment and desire to see a good project succeed. This is big boost to this city and we’re excited to see the result.