Editorial: Safe reopening is up to us

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MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday we talked about the steady leadership locally that has helped our communities get through this crisis safely and smartly.

Today, as we warily enter a new phase of reopening and recovery, we want to extend our respect and appreciation to you, the citizens of our community who have worked so hard to do the right thing. The overwhelming majority engaged in civil, generous, considerate actions — and inactions — have contributed to a rate of infection, spread and hospitalization far less than it might be otherwise. All that amid political noise and an absence of leadership at the federal and legislative levels that have made things worse.

We have to keep at it. We have to step it up. We have hard choices to make with serious repercussions. Respect each other. Do what you know in your head and heart is the best you can do. It’s up to us, and we’re up to it.