Editorial: Nothing To Panic Over

Two big stories need cool heads.
Editorial: Nothing To Panic Over



In a matter of days – perhaps hours – we will be receiving two important pieces of information about which a lot of us are very concerned. The first is the US Supreme Court’s ruling on the constitutionality of the Health Reform Act, and the second is a report on the status of the Wisconsin state pension system.

Both issues are of course potential political powder-kegs. But more to the point both are hugely important to those affected, in other words most of us, and they carry a lot of emotional weight. And in both cases, whatever the decisions, the ramifications will require time to assess and respond to. So we recommend patience. And beyond that we ask our elected leaders to show some restraint. Their natural inclinations, or at least their advisors, will recommend using these stories to sow as much panic and blame as possible. We ask them to lead instead, and you to see through it if they cannot.