Editorial: Early School Readiness

CUNA Mutual helps United Way of Dane County expand program.
Editorial: Early School Readiness



The more we dig into the causes of the achievement gap and high rates of drop-outs the more we see the importance of being ready to go to school. Children need to know their numbers and their words and that needs to start soon after birth. More than forty percent of kids entering kindergarten in Madison do not have the skills necessary to do well in school. That’s unacceptable.

United Way of Dane County is attacking this issue through its Parent-Child Home Program. Right now a home visitor goes into the homes of low income families with children, armed with books and toys and help for parents. Forty-three families were served in the last year, but this week CUNA Mutual Foundation announced it was partnering with United Way to serve an additional 90 families. That’s huge. This is a fixable problem. It’s not so large we can’t do something. Thanks to United Way and CUNA Mutual we are.