Editorial: A picture is worth a thousand words

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MADISON, Wis. — Sunday’s New York Times featured a 16-page opinion section entitled “The Cities We Need.”

It is an extraordinary piece of journalism examining the current challenges and problems cities are facing if not causing, their role in racial and economic injustice, and their potential to create a healthier more just world. It’s a lot of words. But I recommend it.

I also recommend you find on YouTube a video essay by Rev. Dr. Alex Gee entitled “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.” It is a powerful indictment of a nation that has simultaneously grown more tolerant of white expressions of power and hatred while ignoring blatant, cowardly and too often deadly acts against African Americans. It exposes a dichotomy that is immoral and demands a response from white people.

This pandemic is exposing a lot of ugly truths about our nation. Fixing them will require a lot of words, a lot of pictures, but most of all action.