Easy steps to start recycling

Unusual recyclables

Saying you want to go green can be easier said than done. While we know we should be recycling it can be difficult to find space to store the recyclables, and also be hard to make recycling part of our routine.

Use these tips to make recycling easier.

Know what you can recycle: Find out what items you can recycle. Keep a list and post it somewhere convenient in your kitchen. Then when you go to throw items away you can refer to the list to determine if it should go into recycling or into the trash.

Set up bins: Find bins you can set up in your kitchen or garage that are easily accessible to separate the recyclables.

Set up a recycling pick-up: Find out if your local trash company offers a recycling pick-up service. This will allow you to have your recyclables picked up so you don’t have to drop them off anywhere.