Easy make-up tips

Summer makeup trends
iStock / Gordo25

Not everyone has the skills of a professional make-up artist or easy access to one. For those of us who have to figure it out on our own, here are a couple backstage tips that make getting ready easy and quick!

Peach colored concealer

Using peach colored concealer under your eyes makes you look more awake and illuminates your eyes. It also goes a long way in helping covering any dark circles under your eyes. Just pat a little concealer using your ring finger and you’ll be set!


When applying eyeliner to create your cat-eyes, keep your eyes open instead of closing them when you finish it out. This will give you a better idea of how far to go out with the flick and you will be able to see what it looks like instantly with your eyes open. This gives you more control, too, over the positioning of it.

Brown eyeliner

Using brown instead of black for your everyday eyeliner is a good to give you a soft and natural look. It’ll give you a soft, contoured look that actually enhances your eyes and gives them dimension. It’s also great because it looks good with all eye colors and eye shapes, whereas black can be unflattering to some women.

Gloss it up

Lip gloss can also be applied to eye shadow to glam it up and give you a more shine. Simply apply your eyeshadow and then pat over it with a clear or light colored lip gloss and you are ready for the night out.

Colored Mascara

Run out of your favorited colored mascara? No problem, create your own! Apply your regular black or brown mascara and then, just when it starts to dry to the point of tacky, dust on a powdered colored eye shadow overtop to color it.