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Tom Reid, D.D.S.; Lacrima M. Goldberg, D.M.D. and Deven Holmes, D.M.D.

Tom Reid, D.D.S. and Lacrima Goldberg, D.M.D.

East Grove Dental’s dentists see patients of every age and demographic. “We pride ourselves in being a locally owned family dental practice and currently see some families spanning five generations,” says Dr. Thomas Reid, D.D.S. He has been with the office for 23 years. Dr. Reid wants everyone to know that you don’t need insurance to see a dentist. “Typically, you can have a cleaning, X-rays and exam for less than most people spend on a month’s cell phone bill,” he says. And so prioritizing your oral health doesn’t need to be cost-prohibitive. Small interventions such as these can also make a huge difference in your overall wellness, since oral hygiene can impact the rest of your body. “We strive to educate patients and mutually work together to optimize patient outcomes,” he says. “Everyone should seek out an office where they feel comfortable, where they feel heard, where they can maintain a continuity of care.”

At a Glance:
Years in practice: 23

Location: 826 Atlas Avenue, 608-222-8344, eastgrovedental.com

What our patients say: “I have been a patient at East Grove Dental for many years. I have always been very pleased with the expertise of the dentists and technicians I have seen, and the front desk staff is always courteous and helpful.”

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