Driver crashes into concrete barrier on Stoughton Rd.

Madison police department

MADISON, Wis. — Madison police say one person was taken to the hospital after crashing into a concrete divider on Stoughton Road early Friday morning.

The police department says an officer on patrol near S. Stoughton Road and Milwaukee Street saw a car speed through an intersection at the S. Stoughton Frontage Road and Portland Parkway at about 2:13 a.m.

The officer reported seeing the car go over a ditch before crashing into the concrete barrier between the northbound and southbound lanes of Stoughton Road. The driver was the only person in the car and was unconscious when the officer got to the crash scene, but later woke up.

The driver was bleeding from the face and was taken to the hospital. Traffic was diverted on Stoughton Road overnight while police investigated.

Police say the investigation into the crash is still ongoing.