Drill activities postponed due to government shutdown, officials say

Drill activities postponed due to government shutdown, officials say

The Wisconsin National Guard has postponed training activities scheduled for this weekend as a result of the government shutdown, according to a release.

Soldiers and airmen scheduled to report for drill training Friday through Sunday should remain home and are advised to check with their commanders for guidance on how and when October’s training will be rescheduled, officials said.

National Guard soldiers and airmen are typically paid with federal funds for training, according to the release. The lack of an approved funding measure from Congress prior to Oct. 1 means there is no funding to pay for training.

“This is an unfortunate decision, and it certainly is not our preferred course of action, but it is the only option left to us,” Maj. Gen. Donald P. Dunbar, Wisconsin adjutant general, said in the release. “The training that is conducted during National Guard drills is critical to maintaining our proficiency and readiness, but without authorized funding we cannot conduct training.”

Dunbar said the training is postponed, not cancelled.

In the event of a state emergency, the Wisconsin National Guard remains fully available to the governor for state active duty, according to the release.