Dozens protest MG&E proposed rate hike

MG&E: Rates won't change until new customer, community initiative starts
Dozens protest MG&E proposed rate hike

Dozens of people protested a potential rate hike proposed by Madison Gas and Electric Thursday.

They are protesting a plan to raise the fixed rates on bills from $10-$19 a month.

At a public hearing, many people said the increase would hurt those on fixed incomes and those who’ve invested in solar power.

“I want to inform MG&E that they will be creating some serious enemies for a long time to come if they go ahead with this proposal,” said David Leeper, an MG&E customer.

MG&E officials said people using solar power are actually grandfathered in, but in terms of the rates, they said this proposal would be less than $3 a month for a typical electric customer.

“We’re glad to see customers out here participating in the process. We want to hear from all customers and that ties into this community conversation that we’re going to embark upon,” MG&E spokesperson Steve Schultz said.

Schultz said the company will not make any changes to the rate structure until it rolls out a comprehensive customer-and-community engagement initiative it is undertaking.