DOT Inspector General will look for cost savings, efficiencies

DOT Inspector General will look for cost savings, efficiencies

An Office of Inspector General will be created in Wisconsin to review all programs and initiatives for inefficiencies, waste, fraud and abuse in the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Gov. Scott Walker issued an executive order last week, directing the DOT to create the position, according to a release.

The position will serve as an executive level advisor to the secretary, and will work with the executive leadership in the DOT, officials said.

The primary role of the position will be to review WisDOT policy and practices, looking for cost savings and efficiencies, then to make recommendations for implementing policy and program improvements, according to the release.

“I would like to thank the Governor for providing us this leadership as we work to improve the way that we do business here at the Department of Transportation,” Secretary Dave Ross said in the release. “WisDOT has great potential to accomplish more within our current budget.” “We are committed to finding savings and putting these savings into improved roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure.”