Donna’s Spicy Shrimp With Fresh Tomato Sauce On Pasta

Enjoy this wonderful sauce when tomatoes are in season. Add spicy marinated shrimp or chicken and serve over pasta. Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene which has been identified as a cancer fighting phytonutrient. It is interesting that the lycopene is the pigment that makes the tomatoes red.

8 ounces linguine or pasta or your choice 1 cup dry white wine or chicken broth, divided 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon seasoned salt, e.g. Lawrey?s 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 pound fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined

Sauce1 tablespoon canola oil 1 large sweet onion, finely chopped 1 teaspoon minced garlic 4 cups chopped tomatoes (seeded) 1 can (8 ounces) tomato sauce 1 teaspoon dried basil or 1/4 cup fresh basil salt and pepper to taste red pepper flakes to taste 1 teaspoon sugar, optional to taste 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese, optional

Cook pasta of your choice in boiling salted water according to package instruction. Cook until al dente. Drain and set aside. Reserve 1 cup of pasta water to use to thin sauce if needed.

In a large zip lock plastic bag, combine 1/4 cup wine or chicken broth, olive oil, salt, Italian seasoning, cumin, and cayenne pepper. Mix well. Add shrimp and toss to coat shrimp. Let marinate 5 – 10 minutes.

In a large skillet, heat canola oil. Add onion and cook until translucent. Add garlic and cook 1 minute. Remove from skillet and set aside.

Add shrimp and the marinade to the skillet. Cook over medium-hot heat for 2 -3 minutes or just until shrimp have turned pink on both sides of each shrimp.(Do not overcook or shrimp will be tough.) Using a slotted spoon or tongs, remove shrimp from skillet and set aside. Add chopped tomatoes, reserved onions, 3/4 cup wine or chicken broth, tomato sauce, and basil to the skillet. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and continue to boil gently, uncovered, for 15 – 20 minutes or until sauce is reduced to desired consistency. Taste sauce and add salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and sugar to suit your taste.

When ready to serve, return shrimp to the skillet and heat through. If needed, thin with reserved pasta water. Serve on warm pasta. Top with grated Parmesan cheese if desired.

Serves 4

Nutritional Information per serving:

Calories: 470 Fat, gm.: 10 Protein, gm.: 33 Carbs, gm.: 62 Cholesterol, mg.: 170 Fiber, gm.: 4.6