Dollar store decorations

Dollar store decorations

With decorating trends changing as quickly as the seasons, it can sometimes get spendy trying to keep you home up to date with the latest styles. But with some basic craftiness, items from the dollar store and a little time, you can create cute and cheap decorations that will look great but can be just as easily tossed when the trends change.

Starburst mirror

With some simple skewers cut in various lengths, silver spray paint and a round mirror, you can create a trendy addition to your wall or a unique and inexpensive gift to grace a loved one’s wall.

Trash can? No, nightstand!

Take a wire trash can and the spray paint color or colors of your choice, flip it upside down and you instantly have a nice pop of color to add to your bedroom as a nightstand. And if your color choice no longer pleases? Just grab another and get spraying!

Office supplies

Are your paperclips and push pins all over the place? Can’t find a rubber band when you need it most? Buy an inexpensive spice rack and start filling up the jars! Not only will your supplies be organized and at your fingertips, but if you go the colorful route with your supplies, it will add a bit of color to your office.

Organize your jewelry

Finding a place to hang necklaces is always a bit of a challenge. But with a silverware organizer, some paint, and some knobs, you can create a pretty holder for all your jewelry that you can hang on your wall.

Create your own calendar

With some paint chips, a cork board and push pins you can create an inexpensive calendar based on colors that change every month. Simply cut out the paint chip squares, number them and then pin them to the board in the correct order for the month. Since the paint chips are free, you can write on them and use new ones for the next month!