Doing things the right way

Madison chef Dan Fox had been in violation of state regulations
Doing things the right way

How many times have you watched or read a story about a dispute between a small business person and a government agency? The disagreement is usually acrimonious with elements of unfairness and inflexibility. It’s easy to get worked up.

Well it looks to us exactly the opposite occurred recently with all involved acting with mutual respect and a desire to do the right thing. How refreshing is that?

Madison chef and restaurateur Dan Fox had been inadvertently in violation of some state regulations at his pig farm. Fox, who turns out some terrific products from responsibly raised pigs, thought he was doing everything right. But even if it was right to him it was a violation and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection told him to stop delivering his products to more than a dozen Milwaukee and Madison restaurants.

But rather than a bitter stalemate, in the ensuing weeks DATCP, city and county health officials and Fox all talked about his operation, Fox made some changes, and he got his license back. One official said “It all seemed to go pretty smoothly once we met with him and explained things.” And that’s a tribute to the state, to the city and county, and especially to Fox. Well handled.