Dog rescued from house fire in Beloit

Fire causes $20K in damage to Town of Beloit home

Hot ashes are to blame for a house fire in Beloit that did an estimated $35,000 worth of damage.

Beloit rescue crews were called out to the 1500 hundred block of Jackson Street just before 1:30 p.m. Sunday. 

When firefighters arrived, there was already heavy smoke and fire coming from the back of the house, and the flames had extended into the roof.

The two residents weren’t in the home at the time, but a dog was inside.  The Beloit Fire Department rescued the pet, and a Town of Beloit engine helped provide the dog oxygen.  The dog is now fine.

There was heavy damage to the home’s exterior and second floor.  There is also smoke damage throughout the home.

Crews say the fire did about $20,000 of structural damage and damaged about $15,000 worth of contents.

According to the firefighters, ashes were left in a container and ignited combustible materials on the back porch.