Doctor supports letting Dane Co. mask mandate expire

MADISON, Wis. — The local medical community is putting its stamp of approval on lifting Dane County’s mask mandate.

Dr. Jeff Pothof of UW Health says the community is in a good place to start moving away from masks when the current order expires on June 2nd.

Pothof says the science and data on the COVID vaccines supports lifting the mask mandate for fully-vaccinated people when they’re in public or inside. He points to Dane County’s high vaccination rate, low number of current coronavirus cases and the fact we are approaching herd immunity.

“It makes me smile a little bit that the science is playing out and what we said would happen is actually happening,” Pothof said. “We’re seeing decreased cases. We’re seeing life get back to normal and it’s really because people did what we asked them to do.”

Pothof says ultimately, once the order expires, people should do what is right for them — meaning if masks make someone feel safer and more comfortable, they should continue to keep wearing them.