DNR Reminds Of Ice Safety After Green Bay Rescue

Seven people are safe after being rescued from an ice floe on Green Bay.

A Door County sheriff’s dispatcher told WLUK-TV the Wisconsin DNR reported several people stranded around 6:45 a.m. Sunday.

The people had been fishing on a piece of ice that broke off shore and began floating away into open water in the Little Sturgeon area.

Brussels and Sturgeon Bay Fire Departments used boats to rescue the stranded people from the ice.

No one was hurt.

The incident caused officials with Wisconsin’s DNR to remind people to be careful when ice fishing.

The DNR said this year that ice conditions have been very unstable with ice thickness changing almost daily.

Officials have cautious words for ice fishermen.

“Be extremely careful when they’re out on the ice,” said Nathan Kroeplin, a warden with the Wisconsin DNR. “And if they’re unfamiliar with the ice, make sure that they’re on it only in the daylight hours and if it looks like it’s hazardous ice or something like that.”

Some ice fishing enthusiasts say the weather is still good for ice fishing, as long as caution is heeded.

“It’s still safe out,” said ice fisherman Dwight Kirkendoll. “Only problem is along the shoreline it’s melting. But once you get out on it, you’re okay.”

The DNR said all ice shanties have to be off the lakes by March 4.

Until then, the DNR stresses common sense to those going out:

Wear a flotation device in case of falls through the water, carry a spud bar to check ice thickness, and simply stay away from any ice that looks thin or black.