DNR puts end to illegal sexual activities at state park

DNR shelves new wolf plan after re-listing

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources investigators have discovered ongoing issues of illegal sexual activities at Belmont Mound State Park in Lafayette County, according to a release.

Officials said charges of sexual assault and other illegal behaviors are pending against individuals after a joint investigation confirmed citizen complaints inside the park.

“This investigation, which started a few months ago, utilized law enforcement expertise from several agencies,” said Chief Conservation Warden Randy Stark. “And the goal was to identify those responsible and put a stop to this type of behavior in a family park where safety is everyone’s top priority.”

Stark said the investigation was initiated as a direct response to information received from citizens.

“This activity is rare within the state park system,” said Paul Bajakowski, with the DNR. “We’re always on the lookout and always watching for this kind of activity, and as we see necessary, we take appropriate actions.”

Wardens said they found advertisements that portrayed the park as a place to meet for adult interaction on Craigslist. The illegal behaviors were allegedly happening in the park’s restrooms, trails and in vehicles.

“The DNR will not tolerate illegal sexual activities or other associated disorderly conduct on its state properties,” Stark said.

The DNR’s Bureau of Law Enforcement joined the DNR Bureau of Parks, Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office and the village of Belmont Police Department to investigate. The local Lion’s Club also helped with park patrols during the investigation.