DIY project turns holiday cards into kitchen decorations

DIY project turns holiday cards into kitchen decorations

I love sending and receiving holiday cards, because who doesn’t love getting mail that’s not bills?!! I don’t get a lot of holiday cards, but the ones I do are always so nice, and up until this year my pretty holidays always just sat in a nice little pile on the hutch in my dining room.

I know some people put them in cute holiday holders or tape them to archways in their homes, but both of those have downsides. Putting them in a holder means you can’t see all of them without digging through them, and sometimes those taped cards take a nose dive depositing glitter all over the floor and usually getting damaged in the process.

I found a super cute and easy DIY project on Pinterest last week and decided to try it out this week with my three holiday cards! You need some ribbon (I used fabric, but you could use any type of wider ribbon) and some stronger tape (I suggest painters tape…duct tape might damage your cupboards and scotch tape probably wouldn’t be strong enough). And basically all you do is tape both ends of a chunk of ribbon to the inside of your cupboard so the main chunk of ribbon is strung from the top of your cupboard to the bottom. I used a couple pieces of tape to make sure the ribbon was really secure.

Then you use clothespins to attach the cards to the ribbon. So now, not only are my cards displayed, but they double as holiday decorations in my kitchen…which I normally don’t decorate!

DIY do or don’t? I love this simple DIY project. I can reuse the ribbon every year and the cards don’t get damaged by tape if I want to save them. The cards and ribbon also double as extra holiday decorations in my kitchen. If you get a lot more cards than I do, you could also do this on the front side of a closet door, and you could attach the ribbon horizontally to make a couple shorter rows for a different look.