DIY is the latest trend

5 easy and inexpensive DIY projects

DIY home trends are bigger than ever and don’t need to cost very much. Most of the supplies can be found around the home. One growing trend is gardening – not only outside of your home but building small garden inside. Using materials found around the home such as small, plastic butter containers (poking holes on the bottom) or a small windowsill box, you can build a small herb garden placing it on a windowsill (preferably one that receives a lot of sunlight). If placed on a windowsill in the kitchen, it is an instant enhancer for recipes of all kinds.

If you’re pressed for space at home especially places to store your shoes – hang them! Using an extra wire hanger, cut the hanger at the bottom (the straight long part) and split the hanger into two parts. Take the two cut parts and create a wing by forming each part into a “C” shape, tucking in the ends so the sharp hanger tips are curled under. Each shoe can be slide through the “C” and hung in a closet, creating more floor space.

Repurpose old furniture by paining it, adding new hardware or unique upholstery. Use stencils, decals or customize the piece with a name or initials. If you are using fabric to upholster a chair or couch, use the leftovers for throw pillows, curtains and if there’s a lot left over, create a new padded headboard for your bed.

If you have old mason jars around, reuse them as soap dispensers. Simply fill the mason jars with either hand soap, dish soap or a favorite lotion and cut a hole on the top lid that would fit the dispenser you are recycling. Next, cut the dispenser tube to fit the jar and fill with whatever you’re looking to display in the bathroom or kitchen.

Lastly, if you have small containers (think clear plastic or glass – like small baby food jars) use them to keep your spices in and hang them on the fridge. If you’re using the baby food jar, remove the label completely and fill with your favorite spice. On the top lid (and close them tight!) affix a strong magnet no bigger than the size of the outer lid. Use super or crazy glue to fasten then magnet to the lid. Keep the jars high up on the front or side of the fridge. This is especially useful when cooking to easily identify the spice you need, grab it and use it.