Discover Beautiful Design Moments

Flex your creative muscles with the help of collaborative designers who understand the needs of every flooring and tile project.

With unique tile, hardwood and luxury carpet options, FLOOR360 uses a design process that is both collaborative and creative. An experienced FLOOR360 designer will guide you through options, allowing you to flex your creative muscles to foster beautiful design moments in even the unexpected areas of your home.

For example, consider the staircase. In many homes it’s the focal point of the entryway, and therefore it can be a perfect spot to upgrade this spring. “FLOOR360 is uniquely qualified to make stairway design dreams come true because we have a talented local carpet fabricator who cuts carpet to fit any stairway with personalized binding or serging borders to complete the look,” explains Jen Fickling, FLOOR360’s director of sales. “Our installation team has artisan-level skills. They travel all over Wisconsin to install stairway carpeting with attention to detail. Their excellent work can be found in beautiful homes all over Wisconsin and venues like the Bradley Symphony Center in downtown Milwaukee.”

Moreover, FLOOR360 designers know about all the latest styles and trends. “A design element that will be everywhere in 2022 is natural fiber area rugs made from wool, jute, sisal or a blend of all these. Choosing the material will be important to homeowners who want to make purchases that are sustainable and biodegradable,” says Fickling. Try layering these rugs on hardwood floors to create a vibe of extra coziness and personalization in your home.

Fabricating custom rugs is something FLOOR360 does best. Choose your color and preferred pattern, and an in-house carpet fabricator will prepare your carpet. No need to visit one big-box store after another hoping to locate a carpet to match your interiors or one that will be unique. “Our design team has a thorough understanding of the home remodeling process and is more than capable of providing expert advice for the size and scope of any flooring or carpeting project, and we have the largest selection of carpet styles in Wisconsin,” says Fickling.

Ctw Floor


Warmer Weather is Ideal for New Floors
A one-stop shop with everything from flooring to kitchen backsplashes and countertops, CTW Abbey Carpet & Floor has everything to help you usher in a springtime refresh. In fact, with the weather warming up, now is a good time to upgrade that classic Midwest feature, the three-season room, says Amy Fredrickson, an interior designer at CTW.

“Any larger projects, like revamping a three-season room’s flooring, that require moving furniture to the garage temporarily are good to do in warmer temperatures,” says Fredrickson. “Plus, sand and refinishing jobs are sometimes better to do in the warmer months for scent-sensitive homeowners because we can open windows to let the sealants air out.” Besides the three-season room, you could spruce up your home with the addition of a foot-scrubbing indoor/outdoor carpet for garages or outdoor stairways. “Weather-dependent installs have a shortened season in Wisconsin, so get started on these in early spring if you can!” says Fredrickson.

Discover the ways to revamp your spaces and keep your floors and carpets looking pristine.

CTW also has the materials that are currently trending for their durability and ease of use. Luxury vinyl is a go-to product for hard surfaces. “It is easy to take care of, worry-free for kids and pets and can be installed different ways for design, function and appeal,” explains Fredrickson. “For high-wearing surfaces like stairs, luxury vinyl also has treads available that reach the entire length of the stair as one piece, making it easy to clean — and it transforms the staircase beautifully.”

Spring is also an ideal time to apply deep cleaning. Fredrickson suggests rolling up any floor rugs to allow your wood floors to breathe. “Wood can amber, or change color, and the floor needs to be exposed to oxygen every so often to catch up with the original ambering of the rest of the floor.”

Fredrickson offers advice with an eye toward extending the life of your floors or carpets. “Always use neutral-pH cleaners. Stay away from shining-type products, as they ruin your floor’s original sheen,” she says. “Don’t rely on your Swiffer for a deep clean — it’s always best to follow the maintenance instructions of your particular floor.” Therefore, it is crucial to refer to the manufacturer for best care practices. Or stop by your local flooring dealer, who can help you with more care tips, especially when it comes to carpets. Still unsure where to begin? Choose CTW to refresh your carpets with their carpet-cleaning services!