DHS head doesn’t know how many may lose insurance

DHS head doesn’t know how many may lose insurance
Department of Health Services

The head of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services says she doesn’t know how many people may lose insurance in the state under the proposed federal health care overhaul.

Linda Seemeyer was asked about the proposal Tuesday during a forum hosted by Wisconsin Health News.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted 24 million would lose coverage nationwide over the next decade. But Seemeyer said, “I don’t think anybody knows at this point how many would gain or lose coverage” in Wisconsin.

eemeyer also says she is opposed to block grants to states for Medicaid funding, saying with that “you’re really vulnerable to changes in the economy.”

She also hints at possible push back from the state over how it would be treated under the current bill.

Seemeyer said, “Wisconsin ought to be rewarded for some of the work we’ve done.”