Detroit police arrest a suspect in nursing home attack captured on video

A man was arrested after video showing him attacking an elderly person
A man was arrested after video showing him attacking an elderly person at a Detroit nursing home surfaced on social media.
Credit: Obtained by CNN

(CNN) — A 20-year-old man is facing assault and battery charges after a video surfaced of him attacking a 75-year-old man at a nursing home in Detroit, police said.

Video of the incident shows an elderly resident of Westwood Nursing Home being repeatedly punched and covered in blood. It is unclear what preceded the incident or who filmed the incident. The suspect can be heard saying, “Get the f*** off my bed” several times in the video after beating the victim.

Police and attorneys for the nursing home told CNN the younger man was also a resident at Westwood.

The victim was taken to a local hospital with injuries that were not life threatening, Detroit police said. The younger man was arrested Friday at the nursing home and taken to the Detroit Detention Center, police said.

The attack took place May 15, authorities said, but the suspect was not arrested until May 21, after the police department received several calls from concerned citizens who saw the video on social media and calls from other agencies.

Two different videos were provided to police, prompting an investigation and arrest, police told CNN.

“One thing we want to make clear, on the record, is that this incident did not involve a nurse or any other employee of the nursing home. The individuals involved were residents,” attorneys for Westwood said in a statement.

They said the younger man “is not a long-term resident of Westwood, but he was recently admitted for recovery and rehabilitation purposes on a temporary stay.”

The suspect is expected to be arraigned by Saturday at noon as protocol requires the defendant must be in front of a judge with charges within 48 hours of arrest, the Wayne County Prosecutors Office said.

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