Despite frigid temps, DNR warns of thin ice dangers

Despite frigid temps, DNR warns of thin ice dangers

The recent cold weather has lured ice fishing enthusiasts out on the ice a little early this season.

The DNR warns people that you should never consider ice completely safe.

The ice is constantly changing with temperature and water flow. River ice is even more dangerous.

If you do go out, try to bring a friend with you and carry ice picks.

If you do fall through, there are things you can do that will save your life. “If you fall through the ice, get your body up on, go towards where you fell through, that’s where the ice is going to be the strongest, and then get your arms up on the ice and try and get yourself out. Then once you get out, roll away from the opening cause the ice around there is likely weak,” said Tyler Strelow from the Wisconsin DNR.

Also, snowmobilers will have to keep waiting for now.

Even as the snow continues to pile up, there isn’t enough on the ground for La Crosse County trails to open just yet.