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Dental Health Associates staff

Dr. Patrick Kolker, Dr. Chad Schwitters, Dr. Nick Christianson, Dr. Jake Bjork, Dr. Michael Grode, Dr. Matthew Roggensack, Dr. Catherine Brumm, Dr. Rambod Fard, Dr. Kent Killian, Dr. Nathan Kroll, Dr. Allen Skibba, Dr. Gregory Sobczak, Dr. Daniel O’Brien, Dr. Aldrin Sangalang, Dr. Brian Sweeney, Dr. Beth Wagner, Dr. Lindsay Rozendaal, Dr. Ross Toigo, Dr. David Allen, Dr. Ammar Alsamawi, Dr. Audra Long, Dr. Stephen Schasker, Dr. Matthew Lorson, Dr. Amjad Nazzal and Dr. Nick Anders

Dental Health Associates of Madison emphasizes quality patient care, the foundation of which is clear communication. Our staff will be open and honest with you about your dental health, with a focus on preventative treatments and patient education. “Whether I am examining a child’s first tooth or restoring a smile that had been lost, we are all committed to delivering the highest quality of dental care to all of our patients,” says Dr. Chad Schwitters, family dentist at the Sun Prairie clinic. “In addition, it is our priority to keep our patients well informed and able to make the right choices for their dental health.” In other words, we are committed to maintaining open communication and an emphasis on the best interests of the patient. We know that building relationships with patients is key to helping them achieve excellent oral health. Locally owned and serving the Madison community for over 50 years, Dental Health Associates of Madison offers a range of services from family dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and children’s dentistry to emergency dental services. Here, we want your smile to reflect all the reasons to visit Dental Health Associates of Madison. Begin your personalized journey to proper dental health by stopping by one of our seven clinic locations throughout the Madison community.

At A Glance:
Sun Prairie Clinic, 5002 AmCenter Dr, 608-467-3000
Downtown Clinic, 44 E. Mifflin St., Suite 204, 608-256-0499
East Clinic, 49 N. Walbridge Ave., 608-246-2555
South Clinic, 71 Chapel Valley Rd., 608-661-640029
University Clinic, 2713 Marshall Ct., 608-442-4400
Gammon Clinic, 7001 Old Sauk Rd., 608-833-2578
Old Sauk Clinic, 7017 Old Sauk Rd., 608-833-1889

Services: Family Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics and Periodontics

Years in Practice: 53


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