Democrat Falk rallies union supporters

Democrat Falk rallies union supporters

Union members and other backers of Democratic governor candidate Kathleen Falk say their get out the vote effort will spur her on to victory in the May 8 primary.

Falk rallied with her supporters at a Thursday news conference in the state Capitol. Faced with polls showing her trailing Democratic rival Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Falk said she is eager to prove the naysayers wrong, saying she has “grassroots” rather than establishment support.

“Politicians won’t decide this election. It’s the people who will decide who the best candidate is to send against Gov. Scott Walker in 40 days,” Falk said.

Representatives from the statewide teachers union, the American Federations of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Sierra Club, Emily’s List, the American Federation of Teachers, and others spoke in support of Falk.

Emily’s List representative Heather Colburn said women will make the difference in the election.

“Their confidence in me is that I have the best record to go toe to toe with Scott Walker on June 5,” Falk said. 

The Democratic winner will face Republican Gov. Scott Walker in the June 5 election.