Democrat Evers opposes UW free speech resolution

Democrat Evers opposes UW free speech resolution

State superintendent and Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers says he opposes a resolution before the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents that could lead to students being expelled for obstructing speakers.

Evers said Tuesday at a luncheon hosted by that he “can’t imagine” supporting the resolution that’s up for a regents vote Friday. Evers is a member of the Board of Regents.

He calls the resolution “a little bit about a solution seeking a problem.” Evers says the shouting down of a conservative speaker on UW campus was wrong, but it’s not the regents’ job to say what kind of speech should be allowed.

Evers says, “I am fearful we will become speech police in reverse.” He says freedom of speech could be sacrificed in the name of protecting it.