DCHS raising $5,000 for injured puppy’s surgery

MADISON, Wis. — The Dane County Humane Society is asking the public for help to pay for a surgery to repair a puppy’s back legs.

Officials said the puppy — a 4-month-old they named Farley — was badly injured, probably by a car, and cannot walk or use his back legs.

According to a news release, DCHS is looking to raise $5,000.

Farley was found laying alongside Buckeye Road on Jan. 6.

DCHS said he had suffered head trauma to the front of his mouth and nose, as well as injuries to both of his back legs.

“The tear in Farley’s gums was so severe that when his mouth opened, his bone and tooth roots of his upper jaw were exposed,” a release said. “One of our veterinarians performed emergency surgery to fix it, and she was forced to remove all of his upper incisors, including two adult incisors that hadn’t erupted yet. Luckily, the loss of teeth is not expected to affect Farley long-term.”

Officials said Farley’s leg injuries, however, could lead to severe issues as he gets older if he does not undergo surgery son.

“If he does not have surgery, the chance of him returning to normal function even after the bone has healed is highly unlikely, and attempts to correct the problem later would be exceedingly difficult,” said Dr. Melinda Wright, one of DCHS’s veterinarians.

Farley’s leg injuries also put him at increased risk of developing arthritis. Surgery would minimize the risk of arthritis long term.

DCHS veterinarians have reached out to local orthopedic specialists at Madison Veterinary Specialists for help treating Farley’s leg injuries. A surgery is scheduled for Thursday.

Until then, DCHS said it will keep Farley comfortable with pain medications and loving care.

If you want to support. Farley’s surgery, you can donate here or drop off a check at Dane County Humane Society’s main shelter (5132 Voges Road, Madison, WI 53718), with “Farley” in the subject line.

Any additional funds from Farley’s surgery and follow-up care will be used to continue DCHS’ daily work to provide care to thousands of companion animals each year.