DCHS: Be on lookout for turtle crossings

Org asks motorists to be on look out for turtles crossing roadways

As turtles come out of hibernation the Dane County Humane Society urges motorists to be on the lookout for turtles crossing roadways.

Four injured turtles have been brought to the DCHS in the last week, said Gayle Viney, DCHS Public Relations Coordinator.

A snapper turtle brought in Thursday from the Beaver Dam area was hit by a car and will need surgery to fix his shell. Another turtle was found in McFarland and had been chewed on by a dog, said Viney.

The DCHS’s Wildlife Rehab program, Four Lakes Wildlife Center, typically sees 10-15 turtles per year.

The DCHS urges motorists to help turtles get across roads if they can safely do so. The organization asks if an injured turtle is found on the road, they’re brought to the DCHS Four Lakes Wildlife Center.