Dane County Sheriff’s Office warns of scammer impersonating sergeant

How To Tell You’re Being Phished, And 9 Other Common Online Scams To Watch Out For
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Phishing is one of the most common online scams. It’s a form of social engineering, meaning a scam in which the “human touch” is used to trick people. One offline form of phishing is when you receive a scam phone call where someone claims to be calling from the fraud department at your bank and requests your account number as verification.

With online phishing, scammers do the same kind of thing but use emails and links to fraudulent websites to fool users. In your spam folder, you’ll often see messages claiming to be from Bank of America and others. These links lead to imitation bank sites designed to capture your personal banking information.

MADISON, Wis. — The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of an ongoing phone scam.

Officials said someone claiming to be a Dane County sergeant was calling people and asking for money. Officials warned last month that scammers were known to spoof their phone number to make it look like they’re calling from the agency’s main line

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The Sheriff’s Office will never request payment over the phone. Anyone who believes they have gotten a call from the scanners should call the non-emergency dispatch number at 608-255-2345.