Dane County launches independent assessment of racial equity

Dane County Board passes budget with raise for employees, tax increase
Dane County Board

Dane County will conduct an independent racial equity analysis of county government operations, according to an announcement Friday.

According to a release from the county board chair, Dane County will work with an independent third party to assess the current state of racial equity in county internal operations, programs and policies.

“The county board, working closely with the county executive, initiated this equity analysis as an effort to make sure we have our own house in order as we work hard to right the stark racial disparities facing the people of our county,” said Sharon Corrigan, chair of the Dane County Board of Supervisors.

The release said the objective of the analysis is to inform the county, and provide recommendations for immediate changes and long-term resolutions.

“We are proud of the work each department accomplishes to serve the people of Dane County and look forward to doing even more to advance racial equity,” said County Executive Joe Parisi.  “The county has asked all departments, elected offices, and staff to participate in this effort to take full advantage of this opportunity to assess and improve our own operations, policies and programs.”

The county board contracted with the Center for Social Inclusion and Government Alliance on Race and Equity to conduct the analysis. The analysis will be completed in early September and be presented as a report at a public meeting, according to the release.