Dane County honors Forest Edge, Wisconsin’s first net-zero energy school

OREGON, Wis. – Dane County officials toured Forest Edge Elementary on Saturday, as part of the county’s Climate Champions program.

The program puts a spotlight on groups that are leading in the fight against climate change. The county’s goal is to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

According to officials, Forest Edge is Wisconsin’s first net-zero energy school. The building produced more electricity than it used in its first year of operation.

“Across Dane County, local businesses, municipalities, and non-profit organizations are doing vital work to reduce their emissions,” Dane Co. Executive Joe Parisi said in a statement. “The Climate Champions program enables us to recognize and celebrate those achievements.”

The school was one of 48 Climate Champions recognized this year.

The honors are given out in nine categories:

  • Building Energy Use
  • Fleet Operations
  • Employee Commuting
  • Water-Saving Practices
  • Waste Diversion Practices
  • Agricultural Practices
  • Catalysts
  • GHG Emissions
  • Others – for those groups and individuals who don’t fit into other categories

Each category has four levels of distinction. Forest Edge was one of five recipients to achieve the highest level of distinction in their category.

A full map of this year’s Climate Champions can be found below: