Dane County hands Riley Deppe Park, $100K grant over to Marshall

Joe Parisi announces his 2022 budget

MARSHALL, Wis. — Dane County is handing the keys to Riley Deppe Park over to the Village of Marshall.

County Executive Joe Parisi announced the transfer in a statement Tuesday. The county will also give Marshall $100,000 to fund park improvements.

“Riley Deppe Park is a unique property with picturesque views,” Parisi said. “We look forward to the improvements the Village of Marshall will make to the park for visitors to enjoy.”

The park is situated on the shore of the Maunesha River along State Highway 19. Officials said transfer negotiations began years ago.

“After nearly a decade of discussion, ownership of this 13-acre park has finally become a reality,” Marshall President Chris Campbell said in a statement. “We are excited about making some improvements to make it an even better place for the community.”

As part of the transfer, the park will keep its name, will always be open, will always be free, and will always provide access to the river.