Dane County Board overrides Parisi’s veto of Alliant Energy Center plan

Dane County Board overrides Parisi’s veto of Alliant Energy Center plan

The effort to look at what Dane County should do with the Alliant Energy Center will go forward.

Thursday, the Dane County Board voted 30 to 6 to override Dane County Executive Joe Parisi’s veto of a resolution calling for a planning process to determine the future of the Alliant Energy Center.

Parisi vetoed the plan last Friday, and took supervisors to task for even thinking about selling the 164-acre property in the Town of Madison. He also said he was opposed to the high costs of redeveloping the property.

But board supervisors disagreed that a study wasn’t necessary. “Now is the time for a master planning process that builds on the hard work of our staff, while engaging the neighborhood, community leaders, and industry experts,” said county board chairwoman Sharon Corrigan.

“In developing a master plan, we need to position ourselves for further success, while addressing long-term infrastructure needs,” said supervisor Jeff Pertl.   “A partnership with the City of Madison or creation of ?an entertainment district could open up the door to exciting new growth opportunities and sustainable revenue that could support the AEC. At a minimum, we need to carefully consider all the options.”

This is the first time the board has overridden a veto from Parisi. The County Board hasn’t overridden a veto since 2009.