Dane Co. Sheriff’s Office warns of scammers claiming to represent agency, spoofing phone number

Cell Phone Dialer Scam

MADISON, Wis. — The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is warning people of what it’s calling an elaborate scam in which scammers claim to represent the sheriff’s office.

In a news release, sheriff’s office spokesperson Elise Schaffer said the scammers — who have been known to spoof their phone number to make it look like they’re calling from the agency’s main line — leave a message on peoples’ phones and ask them to call 608-401-2540. When someone calls that number, they hear a phone tree with seemingly legitimate options, like being directed to jail administration or the warrants division.

Schaffer said the scammers tell victims to pick option four, which directs them to a “Capt. Alexander.”

“On the surface, it all sounds very official and citizens could easily think they are calling the Sheriff’s Office,” the release said.

The sheriff’s office is urging people not to fall victim to the scam and reminding people they will not ask for money over the phone.

Schaffer said one person reported getting a call that she missed a court date but hung up when she realized it was a scam.

Anyone who believes they have gotten a call from the scanners should call the non-emergency dispatch number at 608-255-2345.