Dane Co. Reaches Tentative Deal With Union Workers

Dane County has reached a tentative deal with county union workers that could save up to $2 million.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced the tentative agreement with AFSCME Local 720, the county’s largest employee union.

“I’m proud to lead a county where we address our issues head on,” Parisi said. “We sit down with our employees. We get the best of our employees, and the best of the ideas. We agree sometimes; we disagree sometimes, but we do it in a respectful manner because we all have the same goal.”

As part of the agreement, Dane County employees would begin to contribute toward their retirement in 2013, have a temporary across-the-board reduction in wages, and county government would shut down for three days next year. Those measures would result in over $1.9 million in savings, Parisi said.

“Dane County workers have been contributing to our pensions for decades by giving up wage increases in exchange for retirement security. Now, we are simply continuing to do our part by helping the county save money while adjusting to changing times,” said Shannon Maier, president of AFSCME Local 720, in a statement. “This agreement shows what can be accomplished when management is willing to sit down with workers to find solutions that work for everyone, especially the taxpayers.”

Ratification votes on the tentative agreement will be scheduled in the weeks ahead. The Dane County Board will consider a resolution authorizing the county executive to enter into these agreements.

To comply with the state law, the agreements need to be authorized by Feb. 24.