DA: 2 Green Bay officers won’t be charged in fatal shooting

Police: Man spits into, jumps on hood, roof of car, scares 2 women inside

Brown County District Attorney Dave Lasee said two Green Bay police officers were justified in fatally shooting a man who had injured them.

Lasee said Friday he won’t file charges against the officers, 24-year-old Matthew Dunn and 28-year-old Brian Krueger. He told reporters the Department of Criminal Investigation determined the officers fired in self-defense.

The officers killed 30-year-old Joseph Biegert after Biegert stabbed Dunn in the upper arm and injured Krueger in a struggle at Biegert’s apartment Feb. 24. They went to check on Biegert’s welfare after hearing a report that he had taken an unknown amount of medication in an attempt to harm himself.

Biegert was shot nine times and died at the scene; the officers were treated and released from a hospital, then put on administrative leave.