Cuba City woman’s transformation getting national exposure

Ginger Stauffacher lost 131 pounds


With the new year comes New Year’s Resolutions.

A Cuba City woman resolved to improve her health, and that commitment earned her a coveted spot in a national magazine.

Ginger Stauffacher runs a Cuba City farm with her husband and three children.

Taking care of nearly 100 cows isn’t easy, but for Stauffacher, it’s been a way of life for two decades.

With all those cows and a family, Stauffacher’s got a lot of people and animals depending on her.

“She sacrificed herself for her family, which is typical, but we’re proud that she’s gotten where she’s at today,” said husband Tim Stauffacher.

A life-changing moment two years ago scared Stauffacher into taking care of herself.

“This was new, lots of sweating, vomiting, very rapid heartbeat, just a whole another level that I was not prepared for,” Stauffacher said of the condition that eventually motivated her to lose 131 pounds.

Ginger weighed 263 pounds, eating when she got stressed. But turning to Jenny Craig to learn to cook healthier and exercising changed all that.

Last fall, Ginger finished her first half-marathon

Her 131-pound weight loss is a transformation that has people taking notice.

Besides her print publicity, she’s also interviewed with several national television shows.

“I’m still this quiet, little farm girl, but it’s definitely been exciting, though,” admitted Ginger of her newfound fame.

Ginger credits her family’s support, physically and emotionally, for her successful weight loss journey, that, like farming, has become a way of life for the Stauffachers.

“It’s helped us as a family to be more healthy and do things more healthy,” said Ginger.

Ginger says some of her favorite recipes are beef tacos and quinoa salad.

For dessert she adds pumpkin to her brownie mix, and only eats one at a time.

To resist any temptation, she freezes the rest.