Crews find EAB near downtown Middleton

Ash trees removed from parks will be salvaged for lumber, handcrafted products

Emerald ash borer was identified and confirmed Tuesday  on Hubbard Avenue in Middleton, according to a release.

Crews said the EAB was found in the area of 7226 Hubbard Ave., but they are not sure how many ash trees are located on private property in that area.

Officials said the city began preparing for the arrival of EAB with an adopted strategy and public tree inventory in 2009. Over 2,500 ash trees were identified on public terraces and in parks.

Crews started pre-emptively removing ash trees in 2010, and crews have not conducted treatments on city trees because of the cost versus the benefit, officials said. The city’s strategy favors removing ash trees and replacing them with different species.

When the number of ash trees reaches 10 percent of the overall street tree population, officials will re-evaluate treatment options and management approaches to be possibly included in future urban forestry management policy, according to the release.

Experts said heavy woodpecker activity is one way to detect the presence of EAB.

Residents who are interested in treating a tree on public property are asked to contact the city forester, Mark Wegner, at 608-821-8345. Residents concerned about the health of ash trees on private property should consult with a professional tree care specialist, officials said.