Crash victim’s aunt says driver shouldn’t be on road

Woman says 9-year-old niece may need leg surgery

Red signs warning drivers to “slow down, watch for kids” now crowd Vera Court. They are posted near the spot where 9-year-old Bailee Chadwick was hit by an alleged drunken driver as she ran from an ice cream truck on June 16.

Bailee’s aunt Michelle Melchor said her niece is finally stable and is keeping busy by drawing pictures. She said they are still trying to get Bailee out of bed, but doctors aren’t sure if she’ll need surgery on a broken leg.

But while keeping an eye on Bailee, they learned the driver who hit her, 34-year-old Miracle Loyd was released from Dane County jail without charges for the crash. Melchor said she was devastated.

“I cried when I found out. It scares me that she’s out of jail,” Melchor said. “A person like her shouldn’t have been released like that.” 

Dane County District Attorney, Ismael Ozanne, said their investigation is still ongoing as they wait for toxicology results.

“We have to look at the facts surrounding the case and make a determinations as to what we may or may not charge, depending on what we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt.” Ozanne said.

Ozanne wouldn’t say what specific charges Loyd could face. This incident is also not the first time she’s been in court. 

Loyd has been brought before a judge for several driving issues including operating with a revoked or suspended license.

Melchor said she feels for Loyd and her family, but thinks Loyd is a danger on the road. When asked, Melchor said she had an idea of how she wished the court had handled Loyd. 

VIDEO: Victim’s aunt talks about driver’s release

“She [should have] some supervision. Someone like her should not be driving at all.” Melchor said.

She added, it would be some time before Bailee is able to leave the hospital and when when does, she will need a wheelchair. Melchor said they’ve started a fund to get Bailee a hospital bed with railings called “Bailee’s love fund.”

Those interested in making a donation can do so by visiting any Associated Bank Branch.