Court: Bar not liable for underage drinker

Patron used false ID
Court: Bar not liable for underage drinker

A Wisconsin court has ruled that a bar that served alcohol to an underage drinker can’t be sued for negligence because the person provided a false ID.

Jennifer Serkowski was accidentally injured by a friend after they drank at a Waterford bar in 2010. Serkowski later sued the bar, Bonnie and Clyde’s Hideaway, for negligently providing alcohol to her friend, who was under the legal drinking age.

A circuit court ruled in favor of the bar, saying it couldn’t be held responsible because the friend showed false identification and appeared to be old enough to drink legally. The 2nd District Court of Appeals agreed on Wednesday, noting Serkowski had failed to show the bar acted in bad faith.

A phone message left for Serkowski’s attorney was not immediately returned.