Couple claim they found frog in ice water at Waffle House

Couple claim they found frog in ice water at Waffle House
WCTV, Claire Sheats via CNN

A Florida couple say they got a surprise in a glass of drinking water at a Tallahassee Waffle House earlier this month.

Claire Sheats told WCTV that she and her husband found a dead frog in the glass of water.

“In my husband’s drink, there’s a whole frog floating around in the water,” Sheats told WCTV in a television interview.

Sheats captured video of the frog in the glass of water and poured it on the table to be sure it was a frog.

“This is an amphibian. You definitely lose your appetite immediately,” Sheats said.

According to Sheats, the restaurant management was baffled about how the frog got into the water and apologized for the incident.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports Sheats filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

In the complaint, Sheats stated her husband had sipped water from the glass before noticing the frog floating in it.

An inspector with the state Health Department checked out the restaurant a few days later. The inspector told Sheats the restaurant emptied and cleaned all of its ice bins and had pest control bomb the store, WCTV reports.

Waffle House spokesperson Pat Warner issued a statement to WCTV saying:

“We are concerned about this claim and are currently investigating the circumstances. Our corporate team is working with the local operators to determine the facts. Based to what out District Manager saw at the time and after reviewing the video, there are still some issues we are looking into. Serving quality food and delivering a quality experience are responsibilities we take seriously, and we will continue to review this matter.”