Convicted Madison drug dealer sentenced to 9 years prison

Convicted Madison drug dealer sentenced to 9 years prison

A Madison man who was dealing heroin while out on release for a prior drug charge was sentenced to more than seven years back in prison, according to a news release.

Jeffrey M. Anderson, acting United States attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin, said Curtis E. Powell, 35, was sentenced Tuesday to 7.5 years for dealing and possessing heroin.

Powell pleaded guilty to the charges Feb. 14.

Officials said that while Powell was on federal supervised release for a 2007 federal drug conviction in Wisconsin for selling crack cocaine.

U.S. District Judge William M. Conley imposed an additional 18-month sentence, consecutive to the heroin-dealing sentence, for violating the supervised release terms.

Combined, Powell will serve nine years in prison, according to the news release.

Conley imposed the sentence “after finding that a long prison term was necessary to deter Powell from committing further criminal conduct and to protect the community,” Anderson’s office said in a news release. Conley said that Powell, who had been specifically warned before his release from custody that he would be federally prosecuted if he committed new crimes, didn’t heed the warning.