Consumer Reports: Save money by making your own coffee

Consumer Reports: Save money by making your own coffee

Paying three bucks for a cup of coffee several times a day can blow a college student’s budget pretty quickly, but making your own cup of Joe can save money.

Over two semesters, your java habit will run you about $1,260 — and that’s without any espresso drinks, which cost even more. You don’t need to be an econ major to see that it’s smarter to invest in a coffee maker. Consumer Reports’ latest ratings on coffeemakers and coffee beans can help.

A single-serve pod maker keeps the process simple and easy. Consumer Reports recommends this Delonghi for $130. Pods are really convenient, but the the flavor doesn’t compare to other coffee makers. Plus, they get expensive and they’re less environmentally friendly.

A drip coffee maker can keep costs down. This Hamilton Beach Coffeemaker is a Consumer Reports Best Buy for just $25.

Got a budding barista? This $100 iCoffee is an electric version of a french press. It’s very easy to use and clean.

If you’ve got a coffee connoisseur on your hands the Chemex pour-over brewer is an option. Its filters are made of heavy paper designed to regulate water flow and keep coffee grounds and other undesirable flavors out. CR expert coffee tasters gave coffee brewed in the Chemex high marks for complexity, acidity and overall quality.

Consumer Reports also tested Ethiopian coffee beans. For pod machines Green Mountain’s Organic Ethiopian Coffee earned high scores. For drip and other coffeemaker machines, Trader
Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Ethiopian coffee is a Consumer Reports Best Buy.