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When living in a condo, it may seem like your remodeling options are limited. Between dealing with the wishes of building managers and those of other residents, it’s easy to think you may not be free to remodel your unit as you desire. However, many condos allow for remodeling, and Dream House Remodeling makes sure that building owners are involved in the process while minimizing any disruption to your neighbors.

A trusted and award-winning design, build and remodel firm, Dream has bountiful experience when it comes to remodeling condos in the area. While these remodels may come with limitations, such as restrictions on plumbing locations and structural elements, Dream Team sales director Jerry Schmidt says these limitations are easy to work around, and Dream has the ability to work on almost all Madison-area condos.

“When designing for condos you do need to consider the amount of light and the exposure at different times of the day,” Schmidt says. “The extra light can be wonderful, but you need to consider layout and material that consider this aspect.” 

When you work with the Dream Team, the process starts with an initial design consultation, after which colored 3D renderings will be created by designers. When you’re completely happy with the design, work will begin and you’ll be given a comprehensive timeline for your project.

“Condos in Madison offer wonderful views of our beautiful lakes, and this makes for a very enjoyable design experience as we orient the layout to focus on the outdoor features available,” Schmidt says. “Condo owners are often stunned at how we are able to re-envision the spaces they live in.”

Many condo buildings are out of date, but Dream can bring your space up to speed with modern styles and materials.

“People may be overwhelmed to take on a condo remodel,” says Schmidt. “Though they shouldn’t, as the end result is always worth the process.”  

Condo Lifestyle
For those looking to transition from occupant to owner, a condo is a popular economical alternative to buying a single-family home. But before you make your way to the on-site gym, you should take some time to closely assess your lifestyle and budget.

A CONDO: A condominium (condo) is a privately owned unit within a building or community of other units.

MAINTENANCE: If you’re someone who dreads shoveling snow, gets vertigo while cleaning gutters, or would prefer just about anything over raking leaves, a condo requires significantly less effort to keep up. That’s because condos offer full maintenance services (which are included in your condo fee).

AMENITIES: The property you’re interested in may offer amenities like an on-site gym, pool, tennis court, or a heated garage. You could say the trade-off for sharing these amenities with the other residents in the building is that those areas are maintained by the property’s management.

RULES AND PRIVACY: The condo’s homeowner’s association (HOA) may have rules and limits on what can be done inside (and outside) your unit. Because
of the shared walls and shared areas, condos tend to offer less privacy than a single-family home.

“Condos are more than homes-they’re a lifestyle.”
— Julio Rios, UW Credit Union Vice President of Mortgage lending.

CONDO FEES: Besides your mortgage payment, you’ll handle a monthly payment to the HOA. This fee covers maintenance, some utilities, services, and other expenses that you might have incurred living in a single-family home.

GETTING APPROVED: For a mortgage lender to approve a loan for a condo, they’ll first want to know some information about the property, like:

  • The number of units sold and vacant.
  • Age of the complex. (To estimate the unit’s value, depreciation, and any other cost to the buyer)
  • If the complex has hazard, liability, and flood insurance.
  • If the complex is owned by the developer or if the property is a cooperative.
  • Getting approved for a mortgage can be a bit intimidating, but working with an experienced lender at UW Credit Union will help make the process quick and simple. If you’re ready to buy that property you’ve had your eye on, take the first step by contacting a mortgage lending officer at UW Credit Union. •